CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)


India’s top companies for sustainability and CSR shows that the top 200 companies spend around Rs 1369 crores (INR) on healthcare and wellness. About 24% of the total spend on CSR is focused on healthcare. However, much of the spend tends to be focused on health camps and building hospitals or donating to hospitals for upkeep of facilities. Health camps tend to have a short-term orientation and are number driven. Setting up and running hospitals are often poorly targeted.


MedTel Solution enables patients working in industries located in remote locations to access physicians almost 24x7 from any remote location with a provision to share vital information. It reduces probability of patient being admitted / re-admitted to the hospital and ensures quality care .

Faraway Jobs

For people who travel, work in rural locations or live in underserved cities, Telemedicine reduces costly and unnecessary office visits, urgent care visits and emergency room visits.


Health care system will become effective, efficient, optimal, accessible and equitable if we implement digital health and fulfil all the core obligations that are imposed upon it by right to health.

Advanced & Updated Components

We provide the best features that fits to all stakeholders with minimum customisation.


Our platform with integrated doctors,diagnostics services and drugs providesconvenient way in generating prescription and connecting all the stakeholders at the right time.

Tele-Video Consultation

We have best platform for Tele-Video consultation. We customize the platform to connect family members and other stake holders on one platform.

On-Demand Doctors

MedTel’s 1000+ doctors network build the strength to serve 20000 patients in a day. Our contact centre& patient engagement platform with trained patient care associates manage the doctor-patient consultation in a hassle free way

Integrated POC Devices

Integrated point of care (POC) devices enhances the capability of data collection ,analysis, display ,transmission and consultation.

Drugs and Lab Integration

Drug delivery platform & pathological lab integration provides a complete solution for patients treated remotely.

Easy Payment

Flexible and customised payment options are available to address various stakeholders in different working models.

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