Telehealth POD (Digital Health Clinic)

Provide Remote Medical Care From Mobile Phone

TeleHealth POD is a patient check-in kiosk (walk-in clinic), equipped with integrated point of care diagnostic tools, which provides specialist tele-video consultation both in urban and rural settings.

  • Hospitals

    Building Remote Clinics for Patient Referral.

  • Doctors

    More Patients Through Remote Consultation & More Referral.

  • Pharmacy

    Serving More Patients Through Point of Care Diagnostics & Tele-Video Consultation.

  • Labs

    Faster Service & More Patients Through Point of Care Diagnostics & Tele-Video Consultation.

Collaborative Team Based Consultations

Our video consultation platform enable to connect with different stakeholders of healthcare including Doctors, Patients, Nurses and Family members.


HIPAA Compliant, Fully encrypted data transmission, Peer-to-peer secure network connections, No storage of video

Tailored Branding

MedTel offers customised branding .We share your logo both in application and out- doorbranding, making it a complete white-labelled.

Support For the Best Remote Monitoring Devices

Smartphones, alone or in conjunction with add-on devices, have shown great capability of data collection, analysis, display, and transmission. The devices are low-cost, portable and uses a smartphone, making point-of-care diagnostics more accessible.

Point of Care Diagnostics

  • 1. Dengue, HIV I & II, Chikungunya, Malaria, Hepatitis
  • 2. Hb%, Glucose, BP, Urine, SPO2, Foetal Monitoring
  • 3. Eye-care, Ear care, Dental, Skin, several others
  • 4. HbA1C, ECG, Lipid Profile, Spirometer

NOTE : Above list is not exhaustive.We customise more devices as per the need.

Advanced & Updated Components

We provide the best features that fits to all stakeholders with minimum customisation.


Our platform with integrated doctors,diagnostics services and drugs providesconvenient way in generating prescription and connecting all the stakeholders at the right time.

Tele-Video Consultation

We have best platform for Tele-Video consultation. We customize the platform to connect family members and other stake holders on one platform.

On-Demand Doctors

MedTel’s 1000+ doctors network build the strength to serve 20000 patients in a day. Our contact centre& patient engagement platform with trained patient care associates manage the doctor-patient consultation in a hassle free way

Integrated POC Devices

Integrated point of care (POC) devices enhances the capability of data collection ,analysis, display ,transmission and consultation.

Drugs and Lab Integration

Drug delivery platform & pathological lab integration provides a complete solution for patients treated remotely.

Easy Payment

Flexible and customised payment options are available to address various stakeholders in different working models.

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