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MedTel as a startup company works on less ownership model by opening virtual clinics (TeleHealth Pods -Digital Health Kiosks) where patients get specialist doctors consultation on demand basis. It saves money for patient and builds revenue for TeleHealth Pod operators, for that we are working with Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE) in common service centers and pharmacy shops which have either computer or smart phone with a printer and a medical kit.
MedTel works on B2B2C model where patients from rural area can visit TeleHealth POD, the operator will connect the patient to our call centre & send patients’ health report through portal or mobile App. The patient care associates at our call centre will connect required medical specialist to the patient through tele conferencing. Doctors from various specialties are registered with us including those which are engaged with renowned tertiary hospitals across the state. After consultation is over our patient care associates will prepare a formal prescription which is sent to the THP. A prescription print out will be given to the patient. It takes less than 20 minutes for the patient to get the prescription.
We also have a provision to send medicines to those areas where it’s unavailable and provide homecare diagnostic facilities too.
The benefits which patient gets are
1. Less cost (It costs around 150 rupees to consult a super-specialist)
2. Save time (He would have visited the urban area to consult the concerned specialist)
3. Free from mental and physical agony
4. Early diagnosis and treatment so less morbidity.
5. Quick referral of patients if needed.
The operator/user/patients/member shall add money to his/her MedTel wallet though a payment gateway on our website and mobile application using his/her national/international credit/debit card/net banking and other payment options.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your subscription or consultation with any of our doctors /other healthcare professionals, you can either cancel your subscription for a full refund or exchange it for another consultation with doctors /other healthcare professionals. You can cancel your subscription or swap your top-up purchase for up to 15 days from the purchase date. 

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