CBRS (Cloud Based Remote Screening)

CBRS (Cloud Based Remote Screening)

In India screening for diabetes,hypertension,breast cancer and other non-communicable diseases mostly recommended in community health schemes by way of opportunistic or selective testing. The ICMR (Indian Council Of Medical Research) recommends screening for hypertension and dyslipidaemia for those with established diabetes.

Recently, the government of India has set up the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke. CBRS (Cloud Based Remote Screening) enables mobile based simple clinical examination comprising of relevant questions (such as blood pressure) and easily conducted cloud integrated Point of care diagnostics (such as blood pressure, blood sugar, lipid profile, HbA1c,breast cancer etc.) to identify those individuals who are at a high risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease and thus warrant further investigation/action.

Improving Access

In a public health system, it’s a challenge to screen large population and offer them regular treatment. MedTel’s CBRS platform provide location based patient profile which helps government, private and research organisation to plan different services for patient treatment .

Reducing Operating Cost

MedTel’s digital health platform integrated with POC devices lowers the operating cost in conducting mass screening programme. It also helps in saving the administrative cost for patient management.

Improving Patient outcomes

CBRS platform lowers the morbidity by offering the choices for periodic health check-up and engage the large number of grassroot health workers in a better way .

Optimising Provider Satisfaction

Being able to remotely know your patients’ information will help you to know exactly when they need to be referred/re-checked, it saves money and lives.

Screening Dashboard

The interactive data dashboard provides in-depth information on different screening programme of a large population and shows where they could be improved.Being able to access real-time data is vital to understanding where to capitalise efforts, measure impact of activity and flag where support might be needed.

Patient Profile

The Patient Location Tracking with integrated patient profile supports organising, planning and delivering better care to a large population in a cost saving way.

Advanced & Updated Components

We provide the best features that fits to all stakeholders with minimum customisation.


Our platform with integrated doctors,diagnostics services and drugs providesconvenient way in generating prescription and connecting all the stakeholders at the right time.

Tele-Video Consultation

We have best platform for Tele-Video consultation. We customize the platform to connect family members and other stake holders on one platform.

On-Demand Doctors

MedTel’s 1000+ doctors network build the strength to serve 20000 patients in a day. Our contact centre& patient engagement platform with trained patient care associates manage the doctor-patient consultation in a hassle free way

Integrated POC Devices

Integrated point of care (POC) devices enhances the capability of data collection ,analysis, display ,transmission and consultation.

Drugs and Lab Integration

Drug delivery platform & pathological lab integration provides a complete solution for patients treated remotely.

Easy Payment

Flexible and customised payment options are available to address various stakeholders in different working models.

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